A Family-Sized Passport

One advantage of writing about the 1920s, as opposed to say the 1320s, is the availability of contemporary photographs and sometimes even videos like this silent short including the mob at Rudolph Valentino’s funeral.

While researching my current story on Harry Wills, the best boxer of the 1920s who never got a shot at the World Heavyweight Title, I uncovered Harry’s passport photo.

Handsome Harry’s good looks aside, what set me back on my twenty-first century heels was that Harry shared his passport photo with his wife, Sarah. Seems that in the 1920s, women weren’t expected to travel abroad unless escorted by their husbands.

More poking around the Internet located a wealth of husband/wife, mother/child, and even family passports like when F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald took little Frances across the pond. Note that the details of Zelda’s appearance and even her signature were deemed unnecessary. Good thing she had Scott to take care of her…

Fitzgeralds' Passport

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