Hidden Between the Pages of a Book

When you were young, and I hope you’re still young-at-heart, did you press leaves and flowers between the pages of a book? I did, then promptly forgot what I’d pressed where. Opening a favorite book to find not only the author’s brilliance but a but of autumn or summer brilliance too; well, that made it all the more special.

I feel as if I too have been pressed between the pages of a book for the past few months, twenty books to be precise, my semester reading list. But now I’ve found myself again, not brilliant but at least ready to share bookish thoughts on what I’ve read and learned.ย Over the next few weeks, I’ll publish snippets on books both familiar and foreign.

Woody 2013

But for right now, it’s Halloween night. I have to dress the dog and setup the old boom-box to play scary music. I don’t know what terrifies the young’uns more, the creaks and screams or the old technology.

4 thoughts on “Hidden Between the Pages of a Book

    • He’s not a big fan of cross-dressing but he adores how the kids like his annual fashion statement. Yes, you may pet my ears.

  1. This is hilarious. Very well done. I look forward to those book reviews.

    Saw Billy Collins last night on the Colbert Report. Wonderful.


  2. I too have flowers thinned ad faded from being pressed in treasured pages of Grimm’s fairy tales and volumes of favorite books. And my old flower press! Love that you brought the memories back. Judy

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