Out of My Hole for CWC

I recently poked my head out of my writer hole to participate in a few California Writers Club (CWC) events.

On March 24th, I shared what it’s like to participate in the Berkeley Certificate of Writing program at the CWC Members-Only pre-meeting.  Jean Mansen, one of eight graduates of the program, developed the overview presentation while I focused on the online classroom experience. Unfortunately, Jean was laid low by one of those nasty cold-flu-whatever bugs and wasn’t able to join us that day.  Get well soon, Jean!

On April 1st, no foolin’, the CWC Newsletter included my review of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide To Character Expression, a very handy book if you struggle to show your characters’ emotions past a smile or frown. For example, eyebrows do yeoman work. They raise in amazement, squish in confusion, and lower in defensiveness.  And that’s just one body part!

I gotta run back to my hole now. I have thirty pages of creative writing due to my mentor in two weeks and I’m stuck writing a scene to show Charles Babbage‘s moment of inspiration when he created the carry-over lever for his Difference Engine.  Trust me, the book is much more exciting than this one scene, which will probably end up in my Mac’s trash basket.

In the background, Mother Annabella and daughter Ada are fighting like, well, moms and daughters. And Ada is studying more than shorthand with her new tutor. “The shame of it all,” Jo wrote, her eyebrows arched in curiosity.


One thought on “Out of My Hole for CWC

  1. This is so clever! I saw your book review in the newsletter and will get a chance to read it tonight.

    Looking forward to seeing you on April 10.


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