Graduating class of 2015

To paraphrase a little ditty enjoyed by my husband’s grad school chums:

I went to college once
and thought that it was nice.
And so I decided
to go to college thrice.

Yep, I’m headed back to graduate school.  This time I plan to study POV, not ROI.

For my business buddies: POV means Point of View.  As in – I’d like to understand the other side’s point-of-view but they are always wrong.

For my writing colleagues:  ROI means Return on Investment.  As in – when I publish my novel, I hope to get a positive return on all the time I invested in revisions and edits.

Enough definitions, let’s get back to my new reality.

In January, I begin the first of five two-week stints with my new peers and the faculty of Pacific University’s MFA program in Creative Writing. Winter sessions are held in the Oregon seaside resort of, well, Seaside.

January on the coast promises to inspirational. I hear the rain falls horizontally that time of year.  Fortunately, I scored a new pair of rain pants on sale at REI.  They’ve already proven handy given NorCal’s recent reminder that not all water comes in recyclable plastic bottles.

I’ll share updates on my newest adventure in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned. I anticipate tears and cheers – and that’s just the two-hour bus ride from the Portland airport across the mountains to the coast!

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